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Queer Sex Horror Stories

! This Autostraddle miniseries characteristics embarrassing and shriek-worthy occasions with occurred to the article writers while having sex (and they are all 100percent real). Gather around the virtual campfire and prepare to clench the sofa face. For the terms of R.L. Stine: Reader, beware…you’re set for a scare!

Fucking had been immediate. I’d been dumped by somebody which suggested we fulfill during the train stop between our very own particular apartments to “talk about united states” previous that time. In an unfortunate pose, we’d to drive alike packed practice vehicle for four prevents in identical way while I sobbed. I needed someone to fuck the experience appropriate out-of myself ASAP. Fortunately, my buddies Nicole and Juan were having a party that night. My personal plan? Get into, get set, and acquire aside. Exactly what might go completely wrong?

We talked certainly my personal co-workers into signing up for you. He had been British and created like a hockey member. He would expressed a passive interest in getting together with me personally outside work and a dynamic desire for going through his ex today. I realized attending Nicole and Juan’s celebration with each other might be mutually advantageous.

“is actually the guy sweet?” Nicole questioned as she dumped Everclear into a bowl of bright red hunch punch.


“But, like do you think he’s going to be good during sex?” Juan asked.

“Most Likely.”

Juan and Nicole glanced at every some other. They responded in unison: “Straight people are crazy.”

I knew this to be true. I just had not realized that I became maybe not, actually, straight. My personal “wild” ended up being unrelated.

Once the different friends appeared, the celebration went as much events during my early twenties typically moved. As we bled the punchbowl dry, I sat close to British Mitchell on sofa making my intentions increasingly obvious: my personal hand on his chest, falling gender into talk, whispering within his ear canal.

After that Juan asked myself easily desired to raid Nicole’s grass stash. I excused myself and observed him.

“therefore, are you men likely to screw?!” Juan requested as soon as he closed the doorway behind him.

I sighed wistfully. “I don’t know. I’m like I’ve managed to get generously clear that I wish to, but he’s simply not biting.”

“Well, the guy should be finding a gay. I am getting gay vibes.”

“who is gay?” Nicole opened the door.

“Besides you?” Juan laughed.

I choked aside fun. My face flushed. Juan (rightfully) believed I was a wardrobe case, and he appreciated to create that upwards around Nicole. The actual only real person unacquainted with exactly how severely i desired to fuck Nicole had been Nicole.

I sighed. “British Mitchell.”

Nicole disagreed. She was actually sure that British Mitchell flirted together just a couple of moments before. Juan stated that


Uk Mitchell was flirting with



We groaned in beat.

Juan and Nicole guaranteed that individuals happened to be gonna decide which of these two he’d already been flirting with. Then your chosen you might recommend a threesome with Brit Mitchell and myself. Truthfully, i possibly couldn’t inquire about much better pals.

The party was wandering all the way down by the point we arrived on the scene of Nicole’s room. British Mitchell was still from the couch.

Juan, the king of subtlety, slithered doing British Mitchell and expected, “what type folks are you currently wanting to fuck?”

British Mitchell’s face turned purple. To your surprise, the guy responded, “Well, whether or not it was actually to me, every body.”

Making sure that’s just how my personal two nearest friends and a co-worker and I also wound up naked in Nicole’s sleep. Nicole and Juan, two genuine MVPs, each sucked one of my personal hard nipples. British Mitchell half-heartedly got at my clit with one hand while clawing at Juan’s dick with all the different.

Nicole, understanding poor clitoris work when she saw it, made an effort to reveal Brit Mitchell how to get myself nearer.

Fuck. I became having my personal first party sex knowledge AND my personal very first queer experience with one night?!

an extremely terrible pupil, British Mitchell focused much more on Juan’s cock.

“Juan, we’re looking to get your FRIEND down,” Nicole hissed.

Juan, similarly unimpressed of the claw work he had been getting, concentrated their attention on myself. “Nicole, exactly what do we also would with a vagina?”

Nicole proposed he finger me. Juan enthusiastically caught his digit inside me while Nicole massaged my clit. British Mitchell enjoyed her locks until she swatted him out. He had been pointless.

It believed amazing. Until it didn’t.

I did not learn how to break it to Juan that their jagged talon plunging rapidly inside and outside of me had not been just undertaking nothing for me, it was also needs to damage. Ordinarily, we do the addition of even more hands with pleasure and delight, but each fist Juan included was actually like another head added to the Hydra invading my cervix.

Shit, was actually that my cervix?

We screamed.

Then we faked a climax to leave of it. It actually was more than.

Brit Mitchell muttered one thing about needing to find their clothing because he had someplace to stay in the early morning. Juan, grateful that a person had seemingly done, thought around in the dark the lightswitch. Something was actually cozy and gooey.



Nothing may have ready me personally for all the carnage that awaited us. The light flickered onto expose that wall structure had been covered in red-colored handprints.

To the terror, Nicole’s white sheets and Juan’s right hand had been covered in bloodstream. A hot pool accumulated at root of the bed. I appeared down, feeling quickly more nude than I had. A tiny stream of bloodstream had been dribbling of my personal vagina. The space appeared as if a crime world. The murder gun fingered the lightswitch once again. The room moved dark colored.

For a while, I think each of us believed that we’re able to unsee the Jackson Pollock I’d made of Nicole’s white duvet. Unsmell the iron that had been drowned out by the musk of intercourse. Unfeel the bloodstream coagulated in cum on the skin. We truly wanted to. I became unexpectedly far too sober and much too nude to browse the embarrassment of making chaos of my personal first queer group gender knowledge. I sprinted to the restroom.

I scrubbed my crotch and feet with Nicole’s fancy bar detergent. “Ew, you got the period around Nicole’s sheets!” I heard Juan shriek from the bed room. Hot water and bloodstream pooled regarding the restroom tile.

Leaving the toilet, I understood I would developed a trail. We then followed it returning to ground zero to survey the destruction.

Nicole and I met both’s gaze. This is maybe not duration bloodstream, this is you-finger-banged-me-so-poorly-that-you-gashed-my-fucking-cervix blood. But the version of this story wherein Juan fucked me personally so hard that we “began my personal duration” is the prevailing narrative to this day.

Juan was a foolish arsehole, but he had been our stupid arse. Nicole and I are not browsing leave British Mitchell leave trusting he ended up being such a thing less than the weakest back link contained in this foursome. We calmly consented to spare Juan’s thoughts.

“Oh, um, do you really need me personally t-t-to-?” Uk Mitchell stammered.

Nicole and Juan informed him it absolutely was most readily useful he merely leave.

British Mitchell accumulated upwards his clothes and remaining Nicole’s space without even placing all of them on.

As soon as he closed the bedroom door behind him, each of us collapsed in to the gory sheets in defeat. We would bleach the wall space each day.

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