Tennis Elbow

Most elbow and forearm injuries usually occur from having a weak wrist at impact, weak triceps, overuse injury, change to a heavier racquet, change in strings, hitting heavy wet balls, hitting late etc.

What can you do?
Rest from playing excessively, ice the elbow, tape the wrist, stretch triceps etc
Stretch the forearm between points or let go of your racket and hold it in the off hand.
What can the MyPhysio do?
Our physios will teach you specific taping techniques for tennis that does not affect gripping of the racquet,
Myofascial/soft tissue releases to relieve built up tension in the forearm that can cause tendon abrasion on the elbow,
Checking your racquet grip and technique at Impact are also keys to recovery.

Sports Enhancement
Recovery is the first step, but learning to strengthen the elbow shoulder and wrist with a proper tennis specific tubing exercises will improve the velocity and depth of your strokes while preventing further injury and discomfort.