Plantar Fasciopathy

Pain in the bottom of the foot or arch usually occurs with tight calves or poor loading mechanics.
What can you do?
Regular conditioning and muscle relaxation therapy to balance out tension build up in the muscle around the foot and leg.
Getting proper footwear to suit your running style.
Awareness of proper training progression to avoid “Too Much, Too Soon” pitfall.

What can MyPhysio do?
We will usually start with foot and ankle testing to see what structures are involved if there is no prior MRIs taken.
Check for stability of the foot and ankle and functional movement ability.
Correct any running biomechanical compensations that may cause future problems, manage the pain, and provide exercises to prevent further injury.
Recommendation to see a podiatrist if indicated.

Sports Enhancement
Our first goal is to get you pain free while concurrently improving on your foot and lower limb mechanics to minimize load on the arch of the foot
Improve running endurance to tackle longer distances without pain