Knee Pain (Anterior Knee Pain Syndrome)

Running will place repetitive stress over a set of muscles and joints if the loading mechanics of the foot and knee complex is not good.Pain can be located around the knee cap or under the knee cap in the area of the patellar tendon.

What can you do?
Regular conditioning and muscle relaxation therapy to balance out tension build up in the muscles around the knee.
Consider wearing a sleeve brace to support fatigue muscles when going for longer runs.

What can MyPhysio do?
Myofascial releases and soft tissue work along with taping for the knee cap if if it is a lateral tracking patellar problem.
Improving knee alignment to maximize usage of your knee musculature rather than your knee joint or ligaments.
Checking for foot and knee loading imbalances is central to understanding the causative factors of knee pain.
Testing what running style (heel to toe or forefoot) minimizes pain in the knee.

Sports Enhancement
Understand running the running style that suits you and your body best will help optimize strength and endurance.
Correcting muscle imbalance and optimise mechanic efficiency,
Strength and power to reduce risk of re-injury, improving running speed and shorten down time for recovery.