IT Band Friction Syndrome

Pain is found in the lateral(outside) part of the hip joint or the knee joint. This occurs due to increase abrasion of the iliotibial band on the hip or knee joint caused by tightness or poor mechanics.

What can you do?
Regular conditioning and muscle relaxation therapy to balance out tension build up in the muscle over the lower limb.
Foam rolling the lateral quads, releasing the gluts and hamstrings.
Releasing of the ITB will help minimally as it is a fiber and not a muscle.

What can MyPhysio do?
ITB tightness is usually caused by poor loading mechanics that leads to tightness in the knee musculature.
Correcting biomechanical compensations that may cause future problems and provide exercises to prevent further injury is key.

Sports Enhancement
Improving loading mechanics improves running times and saves unnecessary wearing for the knee joint.
Increase longevity of your running career.
We go through footwork drills, strength and conditioning advice to correct muscle imbalance and optimise mechanic efficiency, strength and power to reduce risk of re-injury.