Anterior/Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splint)

Repetitive stress/impact over leg with poor distribution of load due to inefficient movement pattern will increase the loading stress over the shin bone. Pain will present either on the front/side (anterior) or the inside (Medial) of the shin bone.

What can you do?
Regular conditioning and muscle relaxation therapy to balance out tension build up in the muscle around the foot and leg.
Calf stretches and lower body muscle releases with massage balls or foam rollers
Awareness of proper training progression to avoid “Too Much, Too Soon” pitfall.

What can MyPhysio do?
Provide advise on proper stretching, myofascial releases and self releases at home
Correct any running biomechanical compensations that may cause future problems, manage the pain, and provide exercises to prevent further injury.
Recommendation to see a podiatrist if indicated.

Sports Enhancement
Improve endurance and speed when lower limb musculature is optimized for usage.