Upper Limb Injuries (Shoulder Dislocations and AC joint Sprains)

There are lesser incidences of upper limb injuries. Some commonly reported ones are acromioclavicular(AC) joint sprains and shoulder dislocations due to high impact from tackling.

What can you do?
Rest from training, ice and use a sling if the shoulder is unstable.
Seek appropriate medical advise if you require relocation of the shoulder, if pain persist, or you feel nerve symptoms in the arm such as numbness, tingling or weakness.
Consider wearing a shoulder brace or taping to stabilize the shoulder joint.

What can MyPhysio do?

We will usually start with some shoulder testing to determine severity of injury and where the dislocation has occurred.
Check on your upper limb strength, flexibility and coordination.
Provide advice on proper ROM exercises to keep the joint moving while it heals
Do progressive strengthening and conditioning exercises to stabilize the shoulder joint without harming the recovery.
Program to return to sport with specific throwing and overhead strengthening exercises.

Sports Enhancement
Our first goal make the shoulder feel stable when you fall on the arm, get tackled or get hit in the shoulder.
Improving your shoulder mechanics to maximize stability of your shoulder joint musculature rather than stressing the ligaments and joint capsule.
We go through strength, control, coordination, balance and power of the upper limb to reduce risk of re-injury or dislocations.

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