Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries can occur for a myriad of reason but most injuries occur from a lack of motion in the shoulder especially for horizontal adduction (arm across chest) and external rotation( hand behind head position) causing tendon Impingement. Over training or weakness in the shoulder also exposes vulnerabilities with repetitive overload.

What can you do?
Ice the shoulder after each session and start a shoulder stretching program before each round.
Cutting down on the number of balls per session will also help.

What can MyPhysio do?
Checking the specific tendon that is involved improves specificity of the rehab program
Check for limited range of motion in golf related movements, pain reduction, and provide advice on a stretching program
Sports Enhancement:
Good shoulder ROM will improve X factor( dissociation between the hip and the arms) that creates more length for the swing which will increase distance and consistency.
Good shoulder range also makes the follow through more consistent and prevents a hinging of the joint during the swing.