Neck Injuries

Neck injuries are more common than most people think. Stiffness in the neck along with a long and forceful swing can cause neck muscle spasms and reduce neck motion. This leads to a vicious cycle of pain.

What can you do?
Work on neck stretches before the round if you feel stiffness in the morning or after working for long hours.
Heat and massage usually helps loosening up the joint.
What can the MyPhysio do?
Check the motion in the neck, shoulder and mid back to see which area is causing a limitation in the movement
Limited movement in any of the above areas can be a cause for neck pain.

Sports Enhancement
For Right handed players, most golfers do not realize that during the back swing the neck will have to counter rotate to the left. Thus a lack of L neck rotation could be decreasing the amount of back swing rotation that you require.

Forcing this rotation in the back swing could be putting undue stress on the neck.
Thus good neck ROM is key to improve length and consistency in the back swing and follow through.
Suffering from any of these pains? Contact us to find out how you can alleviate them.