Lower Back Pain

This is extremely common among professional golf player as they spend long hours practicing their swings.This occurs mainly due to tightness in the hip flexors, hamstrings, gluts, lower and mid back region. Other possibilities include a poor stretching routine, poor set up position or over training.

What can you do?
Stretch or use a massage ball/foam roller on the hips, lower back and hamstrings where possible.
Work on improving thoracic/mid back rotation motion.
Apply heat or cold to the effect area (whichever reduces the discomfort)

What can MyPhysio do?
The most common reason for lower back pain in golfers is the proper neutral spine set up position (See Core Alpha: Spine)
Evaluate and if needed correct spine angle in set up to minimize compression of the lower back disc during the downswing.
Do graduated myofascial releases to reduce discomfort vs aggressive massage which may aggravate pain in the lower back and legs.
Check the spine for possible scoliosis or muscle imbalances.

Sports Enhancement:
Learning how to set up in a relaxed, flat back (neutral spine) position maximizes rotational efficiency and maximizes power output into the ball without compromising consistency.
Learning basic core stability principals (see Core Alpha: Spine) will help protect your spine so that you continue to play golf pain free for years to come.