Golfers Elbow

Most elbow and forearm injuries usually occur from having a weak wrist at impact, weak triceps, overuse injury, changing to a heavier shaft, change in swing thought, hitting excessive amounts of balls on the range etc. Golfers are more prone to getting tennis elbow than golfer’s elbow.

What can you do?
Rest and hit less balls at the range
Stretch the forearm often after a few shots, do wrist and forearm strengthening exercises only if they are pain free.
Ice the elbow, tape the wrist and stretch the triceps.

What can MyPhysio do?
Our Golf Physios will instruct you on specific taping for golf that does not affect gripping of the club
We will also check your grip position and provide advice on wrist impact positions.
Myofascial releases to relieve built up tension in the forearm muscles that may be causing tendon abrasion on the elbow.

Sports Enhancement
Recovery is the first step, but Learning to strengthen the elbow, shoulder and wrist with a proper golf specific strengthening program using simple therabands will improve your velocity and compression onto the golf ball while preventing further injury and discomfort.