Lower Back Pain

Poor body positional awareness, restriction in the lower limb and/or upper trunk freedom of movement will increases the risk. Poor lunging or retreating footwork or driving cues may lead to over lunging, putting a spike of loading onto the lower back region due to compensation.

What can you do?
Stretch or use a massage ball/foam roller on the hips, lower back and hamstrings where possible.
Reduce lunging width and speed in the period of recovery.
Avoid over bending and reaching with the lower back.

What can Myphysio do?
Do graduated myofascial releases to reduce discomfort instead of aggressive massage which may aggravate pain in the lower back and legs.
Check the spine and limbs for restriction or muscle imbalances.
Correct any biomechanical compensations that may cause future problems, manage the pain, and provide exercises to prevent further injury.

Sports Enhancement
Teach basic core stability principals

(Core Alpha: Spine) ,
improve lower body and spinal mobility/strength to improve lunging and retreating explosive movement.