Knee Ligament and Meniscus strain

Fencing requires a myriad of movement patterns including lunges and back peddling etc. Most knee problems occur with fatigue, which leads to poor footwork and more use of the knee joint and ligaments vs the muscles. The increase torque on the knee along with decreasing knee stability may lead to ligament and meniscus strains.

What can you do?
Consider wearing a sleeve brace to support fatigue muscles during long competition,
Stay light on the toes and try to minimize over reaching or over lunging beyond your body’s stability point.

What can MyPhysio do?
We will usually start with some knee testing to see what structures are involved if there is no prior MRIs taken.
Next we check on your balance and foot structure.
Provide good advice on proper rest and certain exercises to avoid during training sessions.

Sports Enhancement
Our first goal is to get you pain free while concurrently improving on your knee mechanics to maximize usage of your knee musculature rather than your knee joint or ligaments.
We go through footwork drills for both attacking and retreat movement to improve movement patterns and explosiveness.