Ankle Sprains

Chronic ankle instability? Accidentally step on someone’s foot when landing? Ankle sprains is a common problem we see at the clinic for fencing injuries

What can you do?
Do not untie your shoelaces until you get a chance to ice the foot, otherwise the swelling in the foot will be accelerated and cause more pain.
Ice it for 1-5 min or until numbing sensation occurs in a ice bath. Do this in 2 to 3 cycles right after the sprain happens or when you get home.

What can MyPhysio do?

There are a few things we will check to assess the situation.
Check the severity of the sprain and which ligament are affected, and if it requires recommend an X-ray or MRI.
Check for stability of the ankle, provide recommendations for stability braces if needed,
Correct any biomechanical compensations that may cause future problems, manage the pain, and provide exercises to prevent further injury.

Sports Enhancement
Check stability with lunging and single leg balance on uneven surfaces to minimize future sprains.
Optimizing movement pattern and minimizing biomechanic inefficency during attacking lunge or retreating movement to improve fluidity of movement.