Lower Back Pain

This occurs with poor running technique, tight hip flexors, hamstrings or gluts due to poor stretching routine or over training. Usually occurs with Power Forward and the Center positions where there is excessive loads on the body placed on them by their defenders when attacking the basket.

What can you do?
Stretch or use a massage ball/foam roller on the hips, lower back and hamstrings where possible.
Reduce contact drills during practice.
X rays needed if muscle spasms become more frequent especially in adolescent teens.

What can MyPhysio do?
Do graduated myofascial releases to reduce discomfort vs aggressive massage which may aggravate pain in the lower back and legs.
Check the spine for possible scoliosis or muscle imbalances.

Sports Enhancement
Teach basic core stability principals (see Core Alpha: Spine),
Improve lower body, spinal mobility and strength to improve jumping and rebounding ability.