Jumpers Knee/ Patellar Tenditinis

This occurs mainly with excessive jumping or running that is exacerbated by improper loading mechanics. For adolescents teens, this usually occurs during growth spurts where the pain is directly below the knee cap . This is also know as “Osgood Shattler”or OS for short.

What can you do?
Similarly, ice the area to reduce inflammation.
Stretch the front of the thigh by using a foam roller or doing quad stretches.
Reduce training times, running or jumping.

What can MyPhysio do?
Advice on how to foam roll specifically for this problem
Do muscle releases to reduce pull and stress on the affected area
Check your running and jumping mechanics.

Sports Enhancement:
Ever wanted to jump higher or run faster? Speed and height are directly related to your positional mechanics: improve your setup and body positioning to maximize force output(see Core Alpha: Legs) and reduce injuries.