Achilles Injury

This occurs with overuse, excessive running and jumping. Tears can also occur with repetitive insult to the area or occur insidiously. Players are usually unable to walk without help off the court.

What can you do?
Similarly, ice the area to reduce inflammation.
Avoid stretching the area if there is residual pain after.
Reduce training times, running or jumping and see a health care professional if pain persist.

What can MyPhysio do?
Advice on how to foam roll or ball releases specifically for this problem
Do muscle releases to reduce pull and stress on the affected area
Check your running and jumping mechanics

Sports Enhancement:
Training the calf to maximum potential improves agility, speed and height of jumps,
All the above are directly related to your positional mechanics: improve your setup and body positioning to maximize force output(see Core Alpha: Legs) and reduce injuries.

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