Sports Injury

One of the downside of being active in sports is a sports injury. Fortunately, sports injuries occur relatively infrequently, so the health and psychological benefits of participating in sports far outweigh the potential temporary downside of a sports injury.

Luckily, medical care advancement continues to improve every year. Health professionals, such as your sports physio or sports doctor, can deal with the day-to-day management of sports injury and are highly qualified in the field of sports injury management.

If you wish to assess, accurately diagnose and optimally manage your sports injury in the shortest possible time, then you should seek the advice of your sports injury physiotherapist. Get Better, Get Fitter and Run Faster with us!

Sports Injury Information

To assist you to identify injuries specific to your chosen sport on this website, we have categorised the most common sports injuries specific to your sport.
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We specialize in array of sports injuries – for both amateur and professional athletes – and offer a comprehensive service from consultation to individual rehabilitation plan.

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