General Work Injury

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy 

Physiotherapy is the treatment given to patients suffering from different kinds of injuries i.e. muscles, joints, and soft tissues. We know that as physical therapy. It uses the process of bio-mechanics or kinesiology to help the patients recover from their injuries. This health care includes manual therapy, exercise therapy and electrotherapy to restore patients’ health.

This therapy helps the patients to understand their capabilities. This guides them to understand the function of how the body works. The trained professional physiotherapists explain the process of recovery to the patients. The work of the therapist is to guide and help the patients to recover from the injuries and disable condition.

There are many kinds of injuries the patients have. The common injuries are back pain, neck pain, knees pain and different ligament problems. The patients also need physiotherapy sessions to recover from the post-surgery. People who is suffering from Parkinson’s diseases, paralysis, stroke, multiple sclerosis and Cerebral Palsy require the therapy to improve their health.It therapy helps the patients to recover from chronic and acute problems.


Benefits of physiotherapy:

  • This is a method where faster healing is assured as people suffering from common injuries want to get relief quicker and faster.
  • The therapy brings convenience to patients in an easier way and the physical strength, function and mobility of the patients get to improve.This helps in the smooth recovery process.
  • We also include personal care in this therapy. So the patient has direct communication with the therapist. The therapist helps and guides the patient to recover in their healing process.
  • There is total freedom for the patients to go to the clinic for taking the therapy or they can book an appointment online or by phone call for the therapist to visit their home for conducting the therapy.

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