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Sheryl Goh

Sheryl Goh

      Principal Physiotherapist

BSc Physiotherapy (University of Sydney)Hons.

      DMA trained in Clinical Pilates.

Group Fitness Instruction including Pilates, Aerobics & Resistence training classes.

  • Fully Registered Physiotherapist with the Allied Health Professions Council Singapore.

Areas of Clinical interests: Spinal conditions Neck and Lower back, Postural conditions, Post-operative Sports Rehabilitation

    For over 25 years, Sheryl has worked mainly in the areas of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Outpatient Orthopaedics, Fitness & Physical Disability in Singapore. Her area of focus is on movement and postural quality. Sheryl’s special interest is in movement & postural re-alignment in the areas of daily living and group fitness activities like step aerobics, yoga, dance, etc. Her physiotherapy work includes Rolfing-based myofascial tissue releases, joint mobilisation, movement awareness and postural re-education & exercises specific to the activity of concern.

  • Contact Email: hello@myphysio.com.sg

Nicholas Kan

Mr. Nicholas Kan

Senior Physiotherapist

    BSc Physiotherapy (HONS) Trinity College Dublin

Fully registered Allied Health Professions Council Physiotherapist, Singapore

Areas of Clinical interests: Shoulder and Neck, Chronic Pain management, Post-operative Sports Rehabilitation

Nicholas specialises in chronic pain management. Having trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, he utilizes a bio-psychosocial model approach to manage patients with chronic pain. Pathologies include chronic low back pain, chronic neck pain and headaches, chronic regional pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, post-herpetic neuralgia (shingles pain), and peripheral neuropathies.

Nicholas has an interest in shoulder and neck rehabilitation, and has treated a wide variety of conditions including rotator cuff injuries, SLAP lesions, post-operative and degenerative shoulders, shoulder hyper mobility, and adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). Having been a lead in conducting and teaching group therapy classes in the hospital, he is well versed with the most advanced techniques for post op shoulder rehabilitation treatments. He has also developed online educational materials for junior therapists on rotator cuff repair protocols and rehabilitation.

    He has worked extensively with patients in the acute and sub-acute setting in the areas of physiotherapy for musculoskeletal conditions, orthopaedic post-operative care, and sports physiotherapy. Treatment techniques include manual therapy, myofascial releases, sports massage therapy, sports taping, electro-physical modalities, cognitive behaviour therapy etc
    His main sports interest is in active physical team-based sports that include rugby, soccer and basketball. He has also recently taken up an interest in Karate.

  • CPD in Sports Massage Therapy
  • Singapore Rugby Union Certified in First Aid in Rugby
  • Contact email: nicholas@myphysio.com.sg

Calvin Goh

Mr. Calvin Goh JH
Clinical Director Physiotherapist
BSc Physiotherapy (State University of New York, Buffalo),
Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor,
GPTCA Certified ATP Tennis Coach,
California Board Certified Physiotherapist , USA
Member of Sports Medicine Association Singapore(SMAS)
Fully registered Allied Health Professions Council Physiotherapist, Singapore

Calvin has worked mainly in sports related physiotherapy and outpatient orthopedics in Los Angeles and Singapore for the last 20 years treating a variety of patients that include club level golf, baseball, tennis, basketball and professional level athletes in the NBA, ATP Tour, AFL, and Asian Golf Tour.

He has also spent an extensive amount of time rehabilitating post operative patients with back, shoulder and knee surgeries. Calvin’s special interest is in sports biomechanics correction and movement deficiencies for chronic and repetitive injuries from racket sports, throwing, running, and jumping activities. His body of work involves both manual hands-on myofasical and soft tissue releases.

He attends medical seminars and continuing education classes yearly to update his manual skill set that includes; Rolfing based Myofasical release techniques, Dry Needling, Functional Movement Correction, Core Stability Training, Mulligan, Maitland, Mckenzie, World Golf Fitness Summit,etc.

Calvin is constantly presenting at symposiums and giving lectures for golf, tennis baseball related injuries.

  • Consultant Physio Singapore Golf Association Camp 2019, Singapore
  • Consultant Physio Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, Singapore
  • Contact Email: calvin@myphysio.com.sg

Chloe Lee

Clinic Operations Manager

Chloe has over 17 years of customer service experience, from early cabin crew flying days and also certified cabin crew instructor to serving in various corporate industries(Local & overseas). She has an eye for details, and believe in giving our patients the best care the moment they step into the clinic. She can converse fluently in Mandarin and English. Her hobbies includes travelling, reading and cooking.