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Myphysio offers a comprehensive first consultation to design an individual therapy plan. Be treated by our friendly and trustworthy physiotherapists for injuries sustained at work, home or sport.


We introduce and provide a range of products such as Sports Tape, Foam Rollers, Knee Braces and others that will support your recovery and rehabilitation medicine needs. Check out our Product page to find out more. 


Call us if you are suffering from sudden pain in your back, neck, knee or any other parts of your body. We provide free phone consultation for your emergency needs. 

First Aid

We have provided some suggested on-field first aid that you can do when injuries happen. Check them out right here.


We have a professional yet caring approach to assessment and patient education; you will have easy access to the latest and most effective treatment available for your condition.

Personalized Treatment

You will receive undivided attention from our specialists during your treatment as your well-being is of utmost importance to us.