Rigid Sports Tape

Applied to prevent injuries before playing a sport or after an injury has occured. Protects any weakness by restricting movement and supporting the joint. It can also change loading and be used for repetitive strains (e.g. tennis elbow). Sizes of tape:

13.7m long 2.5cm wide (Recommended for arms, hands, fingers and toe taping) 13.7m long 3.8cm wide (Recommended for shoulder, ankle, and knee taping)

Foam Rollers

The foam roller is an effective, inexpensive gym accessory used for therapeutic exercise, physical therapy, training and conditioning, core strength and stability, myo-fascial release, self massage, postural alignment and balance exercises. Sizes of foam roller:

The long foam roller: 1m long and 15cm diameter. The short foam roller: 0.5m long and 15cm diameter

Knee Brace

The knee brace provides active support for relief and stabilisation of the knee. It is very useful for unstable knees, knee cap pains, patellofemoral pain syndrome, irritative conditions (e.g tendinitis) and post operative support. The knee brace is used as a method of treatment to help align the patella, offer compression and support to decrease any edema and swelling, and allow mobilization and rapid return to activity.