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Calvin Goh - Certified Physiotherapist in Singapore

Calvin Goh

BSc Physiotherapy (State University of New York, Buffalo), Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, GPTCA Certified ATP Tennis Coach, California Board Certified Physiotherapist and a member of the Singapore Physiotherapy Association.

Calvin has worked mainly in outpatient orthopaedics in Los Angeles and Singapore for the last 18 years treating a variety of patients that include club level baseball, tennis, golf, basketball and professional level athletes in the NBA, ATP Tour, AFL, and Asian Golf Tour. He has also spent an extensive amount of time rehabilitating post operative patients with back, shoulder and knee surgeries. Calvin’s special interest is in sports biomechanics correction and movement deficiencies for chronic and repetitive injuries from racket sports, throwing, running, and jumping activities. His body of work involves manual hands-on myofasical and soft tissue releases.

Calvin is constantly attending medical seminars and continuing education classes to update his manual skill set that includes; Rolfing based Myofasical release techniques, Functional Movement Correction, Core Stability Training, Mulligan, Maitland, Mckenzie etc. He often gives lectures on work Ergonomics and Walking/Jogging/Running mechanics.


Consultant Physio SPEED Institute, Singapore

Consultant Physio Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, Singapore

Guest Speaker SPGA Golf Coaches Conference, Singapore

Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

GPTCA Certified ATP Tennis Coach