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The CORE “∝” ALPHA Series

The Core series is the first concept of its kind to combine principals of physiotherapy rehab, core stability, clinical Pilates, balance exercises, and deep stretching all moulded into one routine.


Core exercises are routinely prescribed to post surgical, pre/post natal, and low back pain patients. The physio team realised greater attention to detail and positioning was required to perform exercises pain free.


In the last 5 years, Myphysio has developed and modified several core foundation concepts to fit both active and non active clients. Stressing the importance of performing basic movement patterns well in daily functional activities, exercising and sporting activities greatly reduced the chance of injury. This has been conceptualised into the Core series.


The Core series includes:

Core - Introduction to basic core stability positions: Neutral Spine, Bridging, Crunches, Sit Up, Leg Extension and Standing Posture. This will form the foundation class for Core X.


Core X- the exercise class that combines core, upper and lower body strengthening and stretching exercises into 6/12/18 classes with progressing difficulty


Our belief is that exercises done in its purest form requires less repetition to achieve the same gain as high repetition exercises. Good form produces more isolated and less compensatory muscle firing.

Who is suitable?

  • Anyone who would like to learn the fundamentals core principals before they start group back/core stability classes for the first time.
  • Individuals who wish to return to core or gym exercises that may have had pain in the past doing exercises.
  • Active individuals who wish have a better understand precise core stability training to improve trunk stabilization
  • Post surgical patients or post natal women who wish to get back into shape pain free.
  • High Performance athletes who wish to enhance their current training program to improve sports specific performance.