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Back Range Of Movement Exercises

1. Pelvic tilts Sitting
2. Pelvic Tilts Lying down
3. Buttock Stretch Lying Down

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Back Stability Exercises

1. Bridging
2. Single Leg Bridge
3. Pelvic Tilting 4-Point kneeling

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Lower Limb Stretching Exercises

Lower Limb Stretching Exercises

1. Calf Stretch (Gastroc)
2. Off Step Stretch (Soleus)
3. Thigh Stretch (Quadriceps)

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Neck And Shoulder Stretching Exercises

1. Side Stretch
2. Neck Turn
3. Retractions

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Lower Limb Strengthening Exercise

1. Squat
2. Lunge (Forward)
3. Dead Lift

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